Equipment, Shipping, Support


Our Mission

Providing the best quality equipment and opportunities for everyone that needs or wants the best equipment at their events.


For Clients:

You pay less for equipment you could get elsewhere.

You know how much it will cost right now, no guessing or waiting for quotes.

You can pay for it now and use it later. Use a credit Card with no extra fee. Forget the "3% processing fee". 

Support available 24/7 - We are prepared for you and you get to talk to a person.


For Suppliers:

Clients pay upfront, You get paid upfront.

You get extra rentals on your gear.

Pay only a small support fee to gigrent

You handle the shipping and once the rental is completed the equipment is returned


No HAggle, No HAssle

We want this to be as easy as possible. We handle it all online to keep it simple.

We give great prices so you don't have to guess or wonder what your rates will be.

No second guessing or a surprise number on the bill. What you see is what you pay.

Transactions are all handled On-line but If you want to talk to someone, just call.