Green Hippo V4 System - Boreal Media Server


Green Hippo V4 System - Boreal Media Server


This is a system Package that includes

2 Hippo Media servers

1 KVM Switch

HD-SDI, DVI, Ethernet Back panels

Ethernet switches for Artnet and Hippo-net

Zoo-Keeper remote laptop

Fiber Snake and FOH switches for control.


Powerful Media servers are needed to handle all sorts of video and projection mapping.

The Hippotizer V4 is the answer to the tough challenges faced by video designers and programmers today and in the future.

The powerful hardware and software makes video mapping work for you.

The Hippo has 2 HD-SDI video Inputs and 4 DVI or HD-SDI Outputs.

The Hippo can be programmed via timeline or from a lighting console. It will accept artnet for complete video control.

Order more than 1 and we will send the Following all in one Rack.

Hippotizer V4 Media servers

KVM for machine Management

Touchscreen Laptop for ZooKeeper and programming

Battery backup to maintain constant power at all times.


Check Availability Below, we'll get back to you within 1 hour to confirm. Pricing is for a minimum of 1 day up to a one week rental, Tour pricing and multi-week rental available.

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